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Hereís what young people say about problems connected to the use of weed:

  • the drug itself
  • unique body chemistry
  • reasons for using
  • the chemistry of your body, not someone else's
This is why some people can be really relaxed using weed and some people are totally paranoid. And this can change from one time to the next for the same person.

For example, some people use weed to help them focus better in school. But then they find their marks are going down because they forget more.

Some people use weed to control their anger but their friends tell them they are actually more aggressive than ever.

Some people use weed to sleep. They feel like theyíve had a deep sleep, but Rapid Eye Movement sleep is reduced. So they wake up really wiped and become even more tired through the day.

Some people need weed to feel normal, and this need increases. So they need more and more to feel normal.

Some people say they would never have tried other drugs if they had not been high on weed at the time.

Weed is still illegal and some users have been charged either at school or in the community with possession. One consequence of being charged is that you're not allowed to cross the border to the U.S..

Young people have found ways to reduce the risks of specific situations.

1. Hot-boxing or smoking in a car or other closed up space.

2. Different results than you expect from combining drugs (maybe weed and alcohol.)

3. Problems at home

4. Problems at School

5. Becoming dependent ó needing weed to get through the day or night

6. Losing interest

Check out if youíre in The Circle and if it can point you in the direction you want to go.

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